How does it work?

You place an order
Place an order and pay by card or bank transfer.
Submit the documents
Send us the documents we ask for, scan (even by phone).
You sign the documents
We make the documents for you, send them to you by e-mail to sign them and send them back to us scanned.
You receive the documents
We take care of the entire procedure at the Trade Register and you receive the documents with electronic signature and then in original, by courier.

Set up a 100% online PFA, wherever you are

We handle the entire procedure at the Trade Register, all over the country. We work 100% online, and consulting during the operation is free and we help you make the best decisions for your business.

449.00  lei



Why Avocatoo?

You save time
Google is also our ally. But not when it comes to legal issues. We tell you exactly what to do, without going to page 2 to search or make unnecessary trips.
You understand what we’re doing
We can speak in pompous terms, but we prefer that you understand what you have to do and what you sign. That’s all you pay us for.
Made for you
Yes, we work on templates and drafts. But we also know how to customize them for you and your business. Which is different from the neighbor.
Out of the box’s solutions are practical, “out of the box” and anchored in reality – we find out together what you can do and show that it is possible to those who say it is not possible
Cut costs
You pay 60% less than the classic consulting solutions, but you benefit from the same quality.
We know that AI is not a verb and does not express pain. You can find us online and you just have to have a good room on the phone. And tokens to pay us.
  • PFA (authorized natural person) is the simplest form through which you can do business in Romania
  • basically, you as an individual do some trade deeds and you receive a special code for that
  • you answer with the whole patrimony, so you have to be very careful
  • you need studies in the field, such as diplomas, certificates, etc.
  • it is set up quickly, in 3 days

499 lei our fee + 13 lei taxes at the Trade Register. Plus the notarial documents for which our notary collaborators charge approx. 200 lei. Save time through our collaborators and get rid of unnecessary roads: you have all the documents ready at the notary, just go and sign at the time you set. Good news! Until the end of November, as a result of the alert, all declarations can be given without going to the notary and thus reduce costs. * Attention! The above price is valid only for a Romanian individual holder. For a foreign individual holder, please contact us.

  • your newsletter
  • proof of experience in the field: bachelor’s degree, completed courses, certificates, etc.
  • tell us what activities you want to do on PFA
  • to decide where you will have your headquarters
  • to tell us whether or not you will have activity at that headquarters

3 days from the moment of submitting the file to the Trade Register, if there are no reasons for postponement on their part.